Sketches for New Edition

These are some new sketches which will be part of the re-written book, which I am tentatively calling “Out From The Ruins.”

The re-writing progress is going well. The re-written story will read much more like a traditional fantasy novel. It will have fewer, but more concentrated story lines, it will be PG-13 and will include some of this art.


Major changes, including a name change


After getting feedback from beta-readers and gracious fans, I’ve decided to completely re-do my original story, originally named “The Furred Reich.”

That name, fun as it was, gave the wrong impression about my book; that it either wasn’t serious or was being deliberately offensive. That is my mistake and I own up to it. I’ve also become a much better writer over the last year, and have improved and grown in many ways. Therefore, I am in the midst of re-writing my story.

It will be re-released as a different book, with a different name yet to be decided. I am still in the beta reading process for book II but that will be there as well. I’ve pulled book #1 for now, simply because I realize that readers weren’t coming away with the right impression of the book.

This was only meant to be a fantasy novel series, not some huge political lightning rod, which it became. I’ve been attacked by numerous social justice warriors in the furry fandom and have lashed out at them in various ways. When I get attacked, my instinct is to fight back and that is what I have been doing. That was probably also a mistake, and it’s one that I intend on correcting by focusing only on the book going forward.

So despite the good number of sales I got for the book, I did the right thing and pulled it for now until I can re-release it in the form of what I always intended Hans’ story to be.

My focus in the future will be twofold 1) on making this fantasy series the best it can be, and only a fantasy series, and 2) helping to provide a community and platform for those Furries who are tired of the intimidation, orthodoxy and censorship in this fandom. From now on, that will be the extent of my writing and efforts on this blog and elsewhere.


Progress Update, 4/28/17 – New Edition of TFR on the way


I’ve been pretty hard at work over the last couple of weeks. Not long ago I finished writing the manuscript for book II. I’ve since set that book aside. I’m working on beta reading trials for it before I even start re-writes of that. That will take months.

Instead I’ve been focusing on revising and improving book #1, otherwise known as ‘The Furred Reich. I’ve listened to some of the valid criticism and suggestions from fans and am now earnestly at work putting those suggestions, and many others, to work.

The first means of doing so is to sit down and read something that I admire. One of the best ‘world builders’ I’ve ever read, if not the best, was The Hobbit, by Tolkien. Over the last couple weeks I read it again and I’ve learned a lot from it. The narrative of that book is omniscient, mine is of the various perspectives of the subject. Of course, The Hobbit’s world is quite different from mine as well. Still, I took away a lot of interesting concepts by reading the book as a writer (as opposed to a middle school student, when I read it the first time!).

So here is what I can say for now: I am in the midst of rewriting select early chapters. There will be no more graphic scenes in my books. I actually never thought my book would get any interest beyond the furry fandom, and a furry novel isn’t a furry novel without graphic sex scenes. Plus, they were fun to write.

Unfortunately a lot of normal people picked up the book expecting a fantasy novel, only to get graphic furry scenes. That obviously wasn’t so good. I’m also going to work more on world-building here, as well as the application of lore. Originally my world was meant to be something of an analogue, the next edition will have more of a unique world, and I think that will make it much better.

Also, I’m working on some sketch art that will be a part of the ‘new’ Furred Reich. I think this will be a good setup for Lighting and The Sun, which will take place entirely in the ‘new’ world.

Goals for the Vernal Equinox


I don’t really like talking much about spirituality, but mine revolves around a lot of Pagan, European ways. So over the years I’ve tended to plan things in quarters, between equinoxes and solstices. So I find that now is a very appropriate time to write out some of my goals for the period between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice. I find it very appropriate that I finished my manuscript just at the equinox.

I would really like to start getting to bed and waking up early again. I used to be very good at this, but as the story dragged on I got further and further out of whack. That needs to be fixed starting tonight. Also, I want to start meditation regularly again. For some reason that’s dropped out of my life and I need to pick it back up.

As far as goals go, I expect to get a second (actually third) edition of The Furred Reich out. I’ve talked repeatedly about giving that book some much-needed rewrites, and that is the main priority for me right now. In addition I want to make a big chunk of progress in rewriting and revising Lightning And The Sun. I definitely have to go over that book a few times before releasing it. No doubt about that. I don’t expect to release Lightning and the Sun between now and the Solstice, but I do want to get much of the revision process complete.

I expect to get one specific art piece done between now and then, but that must remain a secret until that comes out. In fact, I will probably need several of these before releasing Lightning and the Sun. Sorry for being so cryptic. I’ll also keep adding to my book development budget. I’m not exactly sure where that will go. If I have a chance I will be more than happy to put a large chunk of the money to helping a third party make a visual novel out of the book. If that is not possible I will pursue other avenues of doing that. That, however, appears to be more out in the distant future.

I think the paperback will have to wait until Lightning and the Sun is fully ready to come out. So, step by step. I will have more updates later, for sure.

Progress Update 12/23/16


I have to say I had a pretty good week this time around. I actually got two whole chapters done; one of Sepp Dietrich and another with my “new” character who should remain a mystery (although it’s not much of a mystery if you’ve been following!).

I’m now on chapter 43, and I can more-or-less map out exactly where this sequel will go through until the end. It will be at least a couple months more, but hopefully not much more than that. I’m very happy with my progress this week, and I might even release a snippet or two.

I’m still waiting on a book cover design; my favorite artists in the world, Lingrimm, are working on that. There is not plans for more art from that point on, although I will be doing something with the funds I consign to this project each month.

Sales have slowed down, but that is by design: I no longer advertise anywhere and I don’t promote book 1 much right now. Reason being is because I feel it needs a bit of a facelift. I am going to redact and re-write parts of it before book 2 comes out, to make it a more ‘mainstream’ story, or at least PG-13. Once I’ve done that I have no problem jacking up the outreach. I’ve found that this story has a lot of appeal outside of the Furry community, and a lot of people take the erotic scenes the wrong way. It’s sad, but it’s the reality.

Anyways, stay tuned. The manuscript is coming down its home stretch.

Lightning And The Sun, Progress Update, 8/7/16


So, a quick progress update on my sequel. Last weekend I was only able to type out four chapters. I didn’t actually write any new chapters. Part of that is because I had my wisdom teeth removed, and have been out of my mind on sedatives. It’s also caused a lot of nausea. Things have been pretty tough on this end, to be honest.

Next weekend I hope to continue my progress on Lightning and the Sun, and will hopefully write at least two more scenes. That seems to be the pace. Business is pretty slow in the summer for me, so I can apply myself more to writing this.

Also, my favorite artist on Fur Affinity looks like she might be taking commissions soon. It’s been quite some time since I’ve gotten any new art done, but I now have the means to do so, and so hopefully some new material will be coming soon.

Edition 2, What’s Next, and notes about reorganizing


Well, I’ve been up to some stuff. Edition 2.0 of The Furred Reich should be up and live within a couple hours. There are no huge changes, just a new cover page and a little epilogue which should give a hint as to what is coming next.

Also, I wiped my commission slate clean. There was a piece I had ordered months ago to build up interest in the book before it was released. Well, now the book is released and I need to focus my limited budget on other things. So I cancelled the order and will probably not be ordering anything from that artist going forward. It took too damn long and who knows how long it would have ultimately taken.

It’s going to be awhile before I can commission anything else. My funds have been tapped from formatting costs and finding the right cover image. However, I’m now free to direct my entire budget to some very new things that I think will give The Furred Reich some new dimensions.

Oh, and finally, I’ve decided to start writing the next installment of this story. I’m about to brainstorm on it and start putting up the scaffolding of what I want to happen, although I have a basic idea.

If you haven’t gotten the original story yet, you can still find it here: