Edition 2, What’s Next, and notes about reorganizing


Well, I’ve been up to some stuff. Edition 2.0 of The Furred Reich should be up and live within a couple hours. There are no huge changes, just a new cover page and a little epilogue which should give a hint as to what is coming next.

Also, I wiped my commission slate clean. There was a piece I had ordered months ago to build up interest in the book before it was released. Well, now the book is released and I need to focus my limited budget on other things. So I cancelled the order and will probably not be ordering anything from that artist going forward. It took too damn long and who knows how long it would have ultimately taken.

It’s going to be awhile before I can commission anything else. My funds have been tapped from formatting costs and finding the right cover image. However, I’m now free to direct my entire budget to some very new things that I think will give The Furred Reich some new dimensions.

Oh, and finally, I’ve decided to start writing the next installment of this story. I’m about to brainstorm on it and start putting up the scaffolding of what I want to happen, although I have a basic idea.

If you haven’t gotten the original story yet, you can still find it here: