Ads to appear on Amazon!

Well, I just want to say, it’s been a long road getting my advertisements up somewhere. Unfortunately it won’t be any advertisements on a Furry site. As with so many other efforts I’ve had within the furry community, the various gatekeepers REALLY don’t like my story concept. I’ve been turned down for advertisements by a well-known porno site. I re-did the ad for them but they never got back to me. Another furry platform simply never responded to my offer. You might guess which website that is. *Cough*

I’ve also recently received a “warning” from a well-known forum for breaking their rule of not showing anything political. Even though the moderator admitted that I wasn’t showing anything political, my avatar ‘might lead people to believe’ that I am. Indeed a very loose application of the rules. Meanwhile, there are open Communists on that board flashing signature images and avatars, blatantly violating said rule, and moderators do nothing.

Sad, but true. I still love the Furries in general, though. Well, I *AM* one, and I know for a fact that these control-freaks do not represent the majority of people here. I’ve been around more than long enough to know the distance between the gatekeepers and the grassroots. While these gatekeepers crow to the rooftops about the virtues of “openness,” to the point of allowing gore, snuff, smut and any fetish one can find under the sun, apparently when someone writes a story that makes the warriors of another side of a war that was fought 80 years ago actually look like human beings, the concept of “community standards” appears out of nowhere.

It’s fine, but alas I have run out of options and must go outside of the Furry community to do my outreach.

I’ve made the decision to bid to place my Amazon ads in the ‘Alt History’ genre, specifically next to Harry Turtledove books, whose style has influenced me greatly in The Furred Reich. In the meantime, of course, I continue my presence here on Fur Affinity and in other similar places, getting the word out about my series the old-fashioned way.

There’s an old saying; you only catch flak when you’re flying over the target.