Lightning And The Sun, Progress Update, 8/7/16


So, a quick progress update on my sequel. Last weekend I was only able to type out four chapters. I didn’t actually write any new chapters. Part of that is because I had my wisdom teeth removed, and have been out of my mind on sedatives. It’s also caused a lot of nausea. Things have been pretty tough on this end, to be honest.

Next weekend I hope to continue my progress on Lightning and the Sun, and will hopefully write at least two more scenes. That seems to be the pace. Business is pretty slow in the summer for me, so I can apply myself more to writing this.

Also, my favorite artist on Fur Affinity looks like she might be taking commissions soon. It’s been quite some time since I’ve gotten any new art done, but I now have the means to do so, and so hopefully some new material will be coming soon.