I got featured on “Heatstreet”



A couple days ago my book inexplicably got mentioned on “Heatstreet,” a conservative blog of some kind. The other day one of the writers appeared to stumble upon a few tweets from “Alt Furries,” or alt-right furries, on the internet and made an article about it.

The writer seems to think “Nazi Furries” love Donald Trump. That’s probably true, the “Alt Furry” movement is a fan of Donald Trump, and Alt Furries are a rising right-wing faction within the Furry fandom. The author proceeded to call them racist, bigoted, blah blah blah et al.

“The alt furry movement is truly one of the most bizarre, dark corners of the Twitterverse,” he said.

He went on to show a few pieces of the “Alt Furry” movement, and then to my surprise made a semi-plug about my book.

Furred Reich Heatstreet

This writer obviously didn’t bother to read my book. I doubt ‘The Furred Reich’ really provides any insight into the “alt furry movement.” And frankly, I take issue to how he characterizes my book. This is a 250-page story with 70 chapters. Only two of those chapters have sex scenes! I wish the author of this article would have reached out to me, I could have explained things a little better.