Lightning and the Sun, Progress Update, 9/23

Happy Equinox!

So, after another “weekend” of work I got done with another two chapters. I had a little extra time and tried for three, but I just wasn’t able to put pen to paper on it, and quickly ran out of daylight. I got a Sepp chapter done and a battle scene done where I feature a new character. Not going to say who because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. It will be a minor character, but I wanted to give him at least one chapter, as I really admire this person and think he was a fantastic guy.

This week I also made a contribution to my art fund. I’m actually still a little bit in the hole due to a major commission I took out a couple weeks ago. I am still waiting for that commission to begin. I will provide updates when that happens, particularly on Facebook where I will share sketches. If you’d like to contribute to my art fund, any little bit helps, and everything you give will go to making new art and nothing else:

Thankfully I made it another week without being slammed in the media. If I have time today I will write an opinion piece.

Other than that, I hope to more-or-less have the manuscript for ‘Lightning and the Sun’ complete by the Winter Solstice. Well, it might take me a little more time, but it should be close to completion by then. Two chapters a week seems to be my pace.

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