Of Hitler and Furries

If you’re a  “Nazi Fur,” you’ve probably heard multiple times that you too would be gassed by the Fuehrer. Most of the people who say this are what I like to call “victims of public education”; people with a vulgar-level of history who, for some reason, seem to think they know everything about The Third Reich. But even people who aught to know better, such as folks on the alt-right, sometimes still buy into the ‘Madison Avenue’ image of Hitler gassing people willy-nilly and ordering groups of people killed off simply because.

You don’t even have to be a ‘revisionist’ historian to realize this isn’t the case. As I’ve said before, and as is often the case, when the subject of Hitler and the Third Reich comes up, otherwise intelligent, rational-thinking people will throw objectivity out the window and resort to believing any fantasy with only the most tangential of historic evidence.


You, too, might be put in the gas chamber! 

Such is the unfortunate case for ‘Nazi Furres,’ who I’ve seen allowed themselves to be cowed and browbeaten into accepting some nonsense narrative and “admitting” that they’re “just doing this for fun.”

Let me tell you, nobody dresses up in the military uniform of a regime 80 years deposed just for the heck of it.

I see, however why these people aren’t particularly honest about their feelings. It’s not only the hall-monitor social justice types, but it’s also right-minded person with a Joe Six Pack level understanding of The Third Reich, who buys into and enforces the incorrect notion that, essentially, Hitler was running around Germany gassing everything which was less than pleasing to his eye.

It isn’t true, at all, ‘Nazi’ Furs.

Typically I hear ill-informed people in this fandom argue that Hitler would have shot or ‘gassed’ Furries because they he would have seen them as either “sexually deviant” or “mentally ill.”

Let me address the latter first. With actual facts. Yes, the Third Reich had an involuntary euthanasia program for the mentally ill, for a few years at least. In its systematic form it became known as Aktion T4. It was expanded from the incurably sick to include those who were mentally ill. That’s where the narrative falls apart. The people that were actually euthanized in this program had real, clinically-proven mental illnesses. This wasn’t some thing where Hitler just threw interest groups he didn’t like into a gas chamber (that’s what Communists and other leftists do). There had to actually be something wrong with them.

Are there a lot of mentally ill people in the Furry fandom? Yes, there certainly are. I don’t think that’s a secret to anyone. These people do need treatment, in my opinion, and in the Third Reich, some of them would simply be put to sleep for good or placed in a concentration camp until they straightened themselves out. No denying that. But it’s a huge logical leap to assume that the Fuehrer would therefore categorize all Furries as ‘mentally ill.’ That’s not really thinking, that’s just “animating” Hitler to make yourself feel like the moral majority, and it is a gigantic intellectual cop out.


Hitler. Animate to whatever historical narrative you need. 

The “sexual deviant” line often comes from people who aren’t really familiar with Furries. No, Furries are not “attracted to animals” and that’s not what this fandom is about.

Since at least the 90s this fandom has steadily been infiltrated with militant LGBT types and sexual predators, who saw this ‘community’ and its adherence to “tolerance” and “acceptance” as a way to avoid scrutiny and in some cases “recruit” mostly younger teenage boys. The feminists and militant LGBTs were more than happy to assist those people, with the typical bullying tactics you’ve seen if you’ve been anywhere near a university campus.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Hitler would have a good many of these people strung up by piano wire. And I’m sure he’d break up the Furry ‘community’ in its current state for that reason; The Fuehrer in fact did similar things in the Berlin night life scene back in the 30s.


The Eldorado in Weimar-era Berlin. Shut down by the Fuehrer.

But again this brings us back to one thing: Hitler would have gotten rid of these people not because they are Furries but because they would be considered mentally ill or degenerate. The act itself of wearing a fursuit or having an affinity for anthropomorphic characters would not be the reason. A non-degenerate Furry would be, and were, left alone entirely.

Those who think that Furries are “inherently degenerate” don’t really know this fandom. There are plenty of normal, healthy people here. They are constantly policed and have to ‘mind their words,’ and so they don’t make much noise. There’s also a far-right countercurrent here, and it is often censored and shut out by gatekeepers. If you’ve been through the university system anywhere, this general situation should all sound familiar.

As for the Fuehrer, I ultimately can’t speak for him, but nobody else really can, either. The best anyone can do is look honestly at what happened back then. That’s not what the average person does when it comes to the Third Reich. The idea that Hitler would have “killed all furries” doesn’t stand up to any rigorous look at history, and if you’re on the “alt right,” then rigorously questioning the Current Year narrative should not be hard to do. ‘Nazi Furs’ and #AltFurries who are serious need to reject the false premises thrown at them. History is on your side, in fact.

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