Progress Update 12/23/16


I have to say I had a pretty good week this time around. I actually got two whole chapters done; one of Sepp Dietrich and another with my “new” character who should remain a mystery (although it’s not much of a mystery if you’ve been following!).

I’m now on chapter 43, and I can more-or-less map out exactly where this sequel will go through until the end. It will be at least a couple months more, but hopefully not much more than that. I’m very happy with my progress this week, and I might even release a snippet or two.

I’m still waiting on a book cover design; my favorite artists in the world, Lingrimm, are working on that. There is not plans for more art from that point on, although I will be doing something with the funds I consign to this project each month.

Sales have slowed down, but that is by design: I no longer advertise anywhere and I don’t promote book 1 much right now. Reason being is because I feel it needs a bit of a facelift. I am going to redact and re-write parts of it before book 2 comes out, to make it a more ‘mainstream’ story, or at least PG-13. Once I’ve done that I have no problem jacking up the outreach. I’ve found that this story has a lot of appeal outside of the Furry community, and a lot of people take the erotic scenes the wrong way. It’s sad, but it’s the reality.

Anyways, stay tuned. The manuscript is coming down its home stretch.

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