New Year’s Resolutions


I’ve decided that The Furred Reich series is in need of some major changes going forward.

If you’ve read my previous journals, some of these ‘resolutions’ may come as little surprise, but there are some new ones as well.

First of all, and foremost, I’ve decided to make the Furred Reich series a trilogy. Meaning, there will be one more book after the sequel. That means naming each of the books more prominently, while “The Furred Reich” will simply be the series name. Although, I must say, I am also thinking of dropping “The Furred Reich” name for something a bit more serious. This book started as kind of a fun fan fiction, but interest in it has been greater than expected and the story has really developed from where it began.

Second, there will be a serious change in tone in The Furred Reich blog. I will no longer be writing ‘edgy’ opinion pieces. My ‘edgy opinion pieces’ had since become a major focal point for the blog, and was attracting a ton of people from Twitter, Reddit and various other places. I found people were clicking, reading the opinion pieces, and then making comments about it on other websites without even engaging in the story itself. That is, obviously, a waste of my time and effort. From now on, opinion pieces will revert to their more academic nature, with a ‘voice’ that is ‘cool’ and ‘collected,’ just as the original ones were.

Third, I will stop intentionally trying to pick fights with leftist furs. The content of my book provokes them enough. No need to light my hair on fire just to get them in a rage. This includes Twitter, where I am part of a cluster of alt-right trolls.

Fourth, at some time, I will be removing all graphic sex scenes from my novels. For those who enjoyed it, and believe me, I sure enjoyed writing it, I apologize. As I said above, the interest in this book was much greater than expected, and it has gone well beyond the Furry fandom. The graphic sex scenes just send the wrong message. I won’t be changing the story at all, meaning the sex will have “happened,” there just won’t be anymore “play by play.” The conclusion is, if you want the sex scenes, you’d better buy the book soon. This edition will not be there forever. Although, I am considering selling a copy with the erotic scenes, perhaps as paperback, and for considerably more money. A little secret is that I got actual women to help me write those scenes, and for that reason I am very proud of them. They aren’t just some fetishy basement fantasy I thought up all by myself. No, no, no. I have no problem sharing those scenes, but again, it bothers a lot of people who buy the book expecting a pure fantasy series to get hit by a graphic furry sex scene. I guess I can understand that.

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