BANNED From Twitter! Catch me on RealFurredReich

Hello folks,

Well, as a number of you have noticed, I’ve been removed from Twitter just hours after its new policy on “abusive” tweets. Believe me, I don’t make ‘abusive’ tweets, but I do actively participate in any Furry hashtags with my 100% original art. That has triggered the crybullies and, as always, Twitter will come down on their side.

I also suspect that recent wild success and proliferation of my story through media and on the internet has made me a target of the Twitter censors.

So I’ve been suspended a second time. And as I vowed before, the second time will be the last time.

So I join the long list of luminaries banned from Twitter: Milo, Christopher Cantwell, Ricky Vaughn, and now, I guess, The Furred Reich.

I’m tired of watching my friends get shoah’ed and watching my subscriber count go down because I know they are purging people. Twitter is just no longer ‘where it’s at.’ And that’s OK. In many ways I do not need Twitter. Compared to media clicks and search engines, it is a distant third in traffic for me.

From now on I will be sharing my content and discussion on I encourage all other like-minded people to do the same. I hope that I can build an equal following there, and this time not have it constantly widdled away by frequent purges.

Look me up there at RealFurredReich

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