Progress Update – 3/10/17


Ugh, so, I am continuing the long process of wrapping up the manuscript for Book II. I got two more chapters done this week. The whole thing is almost done. It’s just about there! I only need to finish one more ‘action unit,’ which will include a short epilogue-type chapter before wrapping up Book II. This thing WILL be complete in one week. Absolutely it will. I tend to be able to write two chapters on a typical ‘weekend.’ I expect to do the same this time around. Next week will be enough to get move over that hump.

Everything else is a total mess. I have a ton of other Furred Reich related things that I want to work on but have been totally neglecting: A paperback, a re-write of Book I, a possible comic strip, maps (which I know I need), determining whether I want a professional to format the new book, and finally beta readers, who I have yet to contact (if that’s you, sorry btw. I WILL contact you once the manuscript is finished). That says nothing about a possible advertising campaign, which I do want to possibly restart.

So, that’s a lot. There’s a lot of work to do and I am more than ready to get to it as soon as this manuscript is done. Of course, I’ll do about 4 rounds of re-writes before that goes to publish as well. A lot to do. But one thing I can promise the reader is that the series will continue, it will be available on more than one platform, and that the new edition of Book I will have marked improvements over the old.

The Furred Reich is a living, breathing idea.

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