Progress Update- Manuscript COMPLETE!


So I finally, finally got the damn manuscript finished. So I took today to mow the outside lawn and clean the kitchen. It’s spotless. I also ran the Roomba in the living room and bed room. Very clean, very nice.

I’m so happy to finally have this done. Now I can move on to other things or just take a break for awhile. I need it. Because creatively, I am tapped. I can’t write another damn thing. My mind’s eye feels tired. Over worked, if you will. My sleep patterns are off kilter. Just, everything is messed up, because for the last few weeks I’ve been ‘digging deep’ to get those last chapters done.

What’s next for The Furred Reich? Well, when I do get back to work, my immediate priority is re-writing and launching a new edition of Book I. Frankly, Book I does need some work. I released the book without sufficient beta reading or even proof reading (if you want to read the story on that, dig through these journals or those on my blog).

While I have corrected the most glaring errors, there are parts of this story that, frankly, need some work. A number of well-intentioned fans have reached out to me on this and given me feedback, and I’ve read the reviews and am prepared to respond to the earnest ones. Over the coming weeks I want to fix The Furred Reich, and make it a PG 13 story without graphic sex. It’s already a political hot topic, and I think adding the graphic sex just makes it way over the top. (I didn’t think the story would be so controversial, but boy was I wrong).

If you enjoy erotic scenes (and I enjoy writing them!), I will make ‘special editions’ which do have the sex scenes in them.

Anyways, that’s my new project. There are some other operations going on but I don’t want to publicly talk about them. I think I’m going to order someone to make a map or two also, and will release that in the second edition. I’ll continue building my budget up. If the visual novel thing doesn’t work out I will probably start ordering more art pieces, with the aim of making a comic independently. We’ll see. Expect a lot in the future.

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