Progress Update, 4/28/17 – New Edition of TFR on the way


I’ve been pretty hard at work over the last couple of weeks. Not long ago I finished writing the manuscript for book II. I’ve since set that book aside. I’m working on beta reading trials for it before I even start re-writes of that. That will take months.

Instead I’ve been focusing on revising and improving book #1, otherwise known as ‘The Furred Reich. I’ve listened to some of the valid criticism and suggestions from fans and am now earnestly at work putting those suggestions, and many others, to work.

The first means of doing so is to sit down and read something that I admire. One of the best ‘world builders’ I’ve ever read, if not the best, was The Hobbit, by Tolkien. Over the last couple weeks I read it again and I’ve learned a lot from it. The narrative of that book is omniscient, mine is of the various perspectives of the subject. Of course, The Hobbit’s world is quite different from mine as well. Still, I took away a lot of interesting concepts by reading the book as a writer (as opposed to a middle school student, when I read it the first time!).

So here is what I can say for now: I am in the midst of rewriting select early chapters. There will be no more graphic scenes in my books. I actually never thought my book would get any interest beyond the furry fandom, and a furry novel isn’t a furry novel without graphic sex scenes. Plus, they were fun to write.

Unfortunately a lot of normal people picked up the book expecting a fantasy novel, only to get graphic furry scenes. That obviously wasn’t so good. I’m also going to work more on world-building here, as well as the application of lore. Originally my world was meant to be something of an analogue, the next edition will have more of a unique world, and I think that will make it much better.

Also, I’m working on some sketch art that will be a part of the ‘new’ Furred Reich. I think this will be a good setup for Lighting and The Sun, which will take place entirely in the ‘new’ world.

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