Major changes, including a name change


After getting feedback from beta-readers and gracious fans, I’ve decided to completely re-do my original story, originally named “The Furred Reich.”

That name, fun as it was, gave the wrong impression about my book; that it either wasn’t serious or was being deliberately offensive. That is my mistake and I own up to it. I’ve also become a much better writer over the last year, and have improved and grown in many ways. Therefore, I am in the midst of re-writing my story.

It will be re-released as a different book, with a different name yet to be decided. I am still in the beta reading process for book II but that will be there as well. I’ve pulled book #1 for now, simply because I realize that readers weren’t coming away with the right impression of the book.

This was only meant to be a fantasy novel series, not some huge political lightning rod, which it became. I’ve been attacked by numerous social justice warriors in the furry fandom and have lashed out at them in various ways. When I get attacked, my instinct is to fight back and that is what I have been doing. That was probably also a mistake, and it’s one that I intend on correcting by focusing only on the book going forward.

So despite the good number of sales I got for the book, I did the right thing and pulled it for now until I can re-release it in the form of what I always intended Hans’ story to be.

My focus in the future will be twofold 1) on making this fantasy series the best it can be, and only a fantasy series, and 2) helping to provide a community and platform for those Furries who are tired of the intimidation, orthodoxy and censorship in this fandom. From now on, that will be the extent of my writing and efforts on this blog and elsewhere.


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