Hitler’s Furries: Fursuiting In The Third Reich

Let’s face it, most people really don’t know much history past the memory of their immediate parents. Yet so many, from social justice warriors to fundamentalist Christians, think they are experts on Hitler and the Third Reich. To a lot of ignorant people on the right, Hitler represents “collectivism” and “violence” of the left. To ignorant people on the left, everything on the right is a scary mean racist ‘Nazi.’

We’ve all heard it.

Most people still buy into the mainstream image of Hitler and “the Nazis” planted into our heads not only by a failed high-school education, but also by Anne Frank, Private Ryan, Schindler’s List and various other embellished tales.

When it comes to “Hitler,” everyone’s got an opinion, and everyone’s an armchair expert. If you’re a ‘Nazifur,’ (I try not to be, but since this has become the #1 ‘Nazi fur’ site I might as well be one) you’ve probably heard from people that Hitler would have killed all the furries, et al. I suppose all these people had that collective epiphany while meditating on Anne Frank.

The truth is, however, there actually was a fursuiting culture unique to early 20th century Germany. It’s nowhere near as varied as it is today, but then again nothing back then was. What I do know, and what we have found out, is that even during the Hitler eras German culture has always been friendly to anthropomorphization of animals. This truth has been uncovered to non-Germans thanks the the photographical work of Jean-Marie Donat.

“It’s incredible, Nazis with a teddy bear in a friendly pose. What is this?” 

Jean-Marie Donat was amazed by various pictures, from The Third Reich and earlier, showing many different Germans, from all walks of life, posing with a giant polar bear. In fact, the bear itself wasn’t a “mascot,” or a gimmick, but a piece of German culture. Back in the 1920s the Berlin Zoo bought two polar bears, and at the zoo everyone wanted to have their picture taken with various guys dressed up in fursuits. This meme spread from Berlin to all of Germany, and the trend persisted until about the 1960s.

The man in the polar bear costume is cutely tame, but potentially savage, and that is what made Germans so preoccupied with them in my opinion. After all, Germany is the land of The Brothers Grimm. The idea that “Nazi Germany” would be so ridged and violently intolerant to men dressing up in fursuits just isn’t so. Perhaps that might be the case in Puritan New England, but Germany is nowhere near that and never has been.

Was the Eisbaer craze in Germany anything equal to today’s Furry scene? Obviously not, but it does tell us that there was no aversion to wearing fursuits in The Third Reich, as long it is done so in a social way and within the norms of German culture. That, right there, would be the difference between then and today. Furries today have used this fandom as a crutch to deviate from the broader culture, which I have always believed to be a mistake. The result of that mistake is that Furries have a terrible perception in the general public, and that perception is getting worse every day.

I think this is also why Social Justice Warriors who have infected this fandom seem to hate ‘Nazi furs’ more than anything. The ‘Nazi furs’ are, or at least should be, a reminder that being a Furry does not have to mean being antisocial.

To a lot of people ‘Nazi furs’ mean a weird uniform fetish and possibly an ironic mask for their political inclinations. I think, instead, it should mean being a normal, well-rounded man who is grounded in his culture while using the Fursuit as a member of society, and not as a means to escape it. That was exactly what it meant in The Furred Reich back then.


Goals for the Vernal Equinox


I don’t really like talking much about spirituality, but mine revolves around a lot of Pagan, European ways. So over the years I’ve tended to plan things in quarters, between equinoxes and solstices. So I find that now is a very appropriate time to write out some of my goals for the period between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice. I find it very appropriate that I finished my manuscript just at the equinox.

I would really like to start getting to bed and waking up early again. I used to be very good at this, but as the story dragged on I got further and further out of whack. That needs to be fixed starting tonight. Also, I want to start meditation regularly again. For some reason that’s dropped out of my life and I need to pick it back up.

As far as goals go, I expect to get a second (actually third) edition of The Furred Reich out. I’ve talked repeatedly about giving that book some much-needed rewrites, and that is the main priority for me right now. In addition I want to make a big chunk of progress in rewriting and revising Lightning And The Sun. I definitely have to go over that book a few times before releasing it. No doubt about that. I don’t expect to release Lightning and the Sun between now and the Solstice, but I do want to get much of the revision process complete.

I expect to get one specific art piece done between now and then, but that must remain a secret until that comes out. In fact, I will probably need several of these before releasing Lightning and the Sun. Sorry for being so cryptic. I’ll also keep adding to my book development budget. I’m not exactly sure where that will go. If I have a chance I will be more than happy to put a large chunk of the money to helping a third party make a visual novel out of the book. If that is not possible I will pursue other avenues of doing that. That, however, appears to be more out in the distant future.

I think the paperback will have to wait until Lightning and the Sun is fully ready to come out. So, step by step. I will have more updates later, for sure.

Progress Update- Manuscript COMPLETE!


So I finally, finally got the damn manuscript finished. So I took today to mow the outside lawn and clean the kitchen. It’s spotless. I also ran the Roomba in the living room and bed room. Very clean, very nice.

I’m so happy to finally have this done. Now I can move on to other things or just take a break for awhile. I need it. Because creatively, I am tapped. I can’t write another damn thing. My mind’s eye feels tired. Over worked, if you will. My sleep patterns are off kilter. Just, everything is messed up, because for the last few weeks I’ve been ‘digging deep’ to get those last chapters done.

What’s next for The Furred Reich? Well, when I do get back to work, my immediate priority is re-writing and launching a new edition of Book I. Frankly, Book I does need some work. I released the book without sufficient beta reading or even proof reading (if you want to read the story on that, dig through these journals or those on my blog).

While I have corrected the most glaring errors, there are parts of this story that, frankly, need some work. A number of well-intentioned fans have reached out to me on this and given me feedback, and I’ve read the reviews and am prepared to respond to the earnest ones. Over the coming weeks I want to fix The Furred Reich, and make it a PG 13 story without graphic sex. It’s already a political hot topic, and I think adding the graphic sex just makes it way over the top. (I didn’t think the story would be so controversial, but boy was I wrong).

If you enjoy erotic scenes (and I enjoy writing them!), I will make ‘special editions’ which do have the sex scenes in them.

Anyways, that’s my new project. There are some other operations going on but I don’t want to publicly talk about them. I think I’m going to order someone to make a map or two also, and will release that in the second edition. I’ll continue building my budget up. If the visual novel thing doesn’t work out I will probably start ordering more art pieces, with the aim of making a comic independently. We’ll see. Expect a lot in the future.

Progress Update – 3/10/17


Ugh, so, I am continuing the long process of wrapping up the manuscript for Book II. I got two more chapters done this week. The whole thing is almost done. It’s just about there! I only need to finish one more ‘action unit,’ which will include a short epilogue-type chapter before wrapping up Book II. This thing WILL be complete in one week. Absolutely it will. I tend to be able to write two chapters on a typical ‘weekend.’ I expect to do the same this time around. Next week will be enough to get move over that hump.

Everything else is a total mess. I have a ton of other Furred Reich related things that I want to work on but have been totally neglecting: A paperback, a re-write of Book I, a possible comic strip, maps (which I know I need), determining whether I want a professional to format the new book, and finally beta readers, who I have yet to contact (if that’s you, sorry btw. I WILL contact you once the manuscript is finished). That says nothing about a possible advertising campaign, which I do want to possibly restart.

So, that’s a lot. There’s a lot of work to do and I am more than ready to get to it as soon as this manuscript is done. Of course, I’ll do about 4 rounds of re-writes before that goes to publish as well. A lot to do. But one thing I can promise the reader is that the series will continue, it will be available on more than one platform, and that the new edition of Book I will have marked improvements over the old.

The Furred Reich is a living, breathing idea.

Progress Update 3/6/17, Lightning and the Sun

Whew, alright… So, it’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these, but I can assure you that I’ve been working hard this whole time. I am now on chapter 61 and just about finished with the manuscript of book II.

Yes, it took longer than expected, especially because the action and plot at the end had to be ‘accordioned’ a little bit. The manuscript will officially be complete and I’ll be through with the first run of this story in one week, two at max.

But I’m not there yet! And that bothers me. I’m itching to get this complete. More than you know! I want to get it done so I can get on with other TFR endeavors, of which there will be many. Looking at the big picture, my book has gotten a lot of attention outside the Furry community. At first I thought this was going to be a furry underground book, but I can see that there is actually more interest outside the Furry fandom than there is inside it. Not that the Furry Fandom is bad, I love it! This story just had more catching potential than I thought.

And so, I’m planning on a paperback edition. I’m also planning on selling lithographed art. Over the coming months I’m going to try making some deals with my commissioned artists so that I can make these lithograph sales worth their while too. In addition, at some point work will begin on a visual novel game. A well-regarded developer is going to help me with that.

So there’s a lot going on! And I’d like to get over with the manuscript and move on to other things.

Also, if you’ve contacted me for beta reading, thank you, I will begin sending out chapters soon.

Get over it Fursuiters: You don’t have ‘creative control’ over photographs.

I love being a Furry. Don’t get me wrong, I do. And I like most of the people in it. However, wisdom and common sense are two things that are very lacking in the minds of many fursuiters. Not long ago I witnessed some very serious talk about something that should be readily obvious to anyone with any real life experience. Let me right here save you the potential for a lot of hassle: If you’re at a Furry convention and someone takes a photo of you, chances are you do not have creative control over that photograph.

There are laws about controlling the use of one’s image or likeness, but there’s a 90% chance that the grounds for stopping the use of your likeness will not apply to the situation you are in. In the United States, the only way to legally stop or remove a photograph of you or your likeness can be satisfied by one of three conditions: Invasion of privacy, right of publicity and defamation.

“That’s an invasion of my privacy!”

My experience is that many furry conventions and meetups are held in public places. If that is the case, anyone can take your photograph regardless of permission given. There’s nothing you can do about it. That’s why police and authorities are able to put up cameras in public places with no repercussion. That’s also why paparazzi, for example, are able to do what they do for a living.

The key word in determining right to privacy here is a “reasonable expectation for privacy,” and if you’re in a public place, there is no ‘reasonable expectation.’ That has been determined many times through common law precedent. Get over it.

Now, if you’re at a convention held on private property, the owner (or, in this case, lessor), can at most require a photographer to leave. However, in the typical occurrences of convention photography, the ‘reasonable expectation’ for privacy isn’t going to be different from that of a public place.

“But what about my intellectual property?”

A lot of fursuiters mistakenly believe that any photograph containing them is their intellectual property, and that they therefore have some veto power of whether the photograph gets published. Not true.

Yes, your fursuit is your intellectual property. But the photograph with your fursuit in it is the intellectual property of the photographer.

“But photographers have to sign contracts with models. My situation is no different!”

Intellectual property grounds, or right of publicity, is used for commercial purposes only. That’s what makes photographs at a furry convention a scenario entirely different from, say, modeling. Now, if a photographer starts selling for money photographs which include you in it, that is a different story. My experience is that 99% of the time photographers know better than to do that, and that most photographs taken at conventions are used for non-commercial, non-transactional purposes. In which case, fursuiters have no recourse or creative control over those photographs. Suck it up snowflake.

“But this is an unflattering picture of me. Defamation!”

Defamation is notoriously difficult to prove. If the image creates a ‘false impression’ and injures an individual’s reputation, there may be a case for defamation. Obviously, unflattering images or bad photos aren’t going to cut it here. Proving that an image portrays someone in a ‘false manner’ is also not going to be easy in most cases, especially because most photography in these events are consensual pictures and many are group pictures.

If, for example, a terrorist group such as Al Queda or Black Lives Matter take a group photograph of fursuiters at a convention, and then publish the photo on their Twitter account, even that would be difficult to prove defamation, I suspect. But if, for example, Black Lives Matter people put in bold letters at the top of the picture “Our newest Black Lives Matter recruit,” that might be the case for defamation. But I think we can agree that this is a very remote case.

Here’s quick write-up of control of image or likeness laws which would apply to a civil case. It’s very difficult to imagine any incidence of Furry convention photography that would apply to the below conditions. Chances are, you’re just going to have to accept that these are public, open events. The best idea is to just go with the flow.


BANNED From Twitter! Catch me on Gab.ai: RealFurredReich

Hello folks,

Well, as a number of you have noticed, I’ve been removed from Twitter just hours after its new policy on “abusive” tweets. Believe me, I don’t make ‘abusive’ tweets, but I do actively participate in any Furry hashtags with my 100% original art. That has triggered the crybullies and, as always, Twitter will come down on their side.

I also suspect that recent wild success and proliferation of my story through media and on the internet has made me a target of the Twitter censors.

So I’ve been suspended a second time. And as I vowed before, the second time will be the last time.

So I join the long list of luminaries banned from Twitter: Milo, Christopher Cantwell, Ricky Vaughn, and now, I guess, The Furred Reich.

I’m tired of watching my friends get shoah’ed and watching my subscriber count go down because I know they are purging people. Twitter is just no longer ‘where it’s at.’ And that’s OK. In many ways I do not need Twitter. Compared to media clicks and search engines, it is a distant third in traffic for me.

From now on I will be sharing my content and discussion on gab.ai. I encourage all other like-minded people to do the same. I hope that I can build an equal following there, and this time not have it constantly widdled away by frequent purges.

Look me up there at RealFurredReich