Furred Reich FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about The Furred Reich. Hopefully. 


Are you a “Nazi?”

I’ve given up answering that question when I realized nobody even listens to the answer. Also, it’s rude to ask an author their politics up front. This is the question I get most frequently from media and other leftists. I’m not answering it anymore. If you really want to know you can dig around. I’ve tried answering that question in various places on the internet.

Is The Furred Reich an organization? 

No, it’s not, it’s a fantasy fiction series written by me.

Are you affiliated with ‘Kitler?’ 

No, I’m not. That’s a meme which admittedly predates my book. I wasn’t aware of the meme when I started writing my book.







But what about the Holocaust?

What about it? The Furred Reich and its characters don’t have anything to do with that series of events. The Furred Reich is a fantasy fiction story whose content does not brush on this subject either way.

So you’re denying the Holocaust?


Are you a member of #AltFurry

I like to think so. Alt Furry sort of found me after my book became somewhat well known. I like Alt Furry, I like the members of it and I find them generally to be a fun group to be around.

Is Alt Furry serious or is it just a joke?

That’s the million dollar question. I believe it’s mostly the latter, although there is a lot of right-wing sentiment in it. Yet at the same time, that is juxtaposed with a majority of Alt Furries being gay gamers. By the way, I am 100% straight.

I heard this book is “Nazi beastiality”

You heard wrong. That’s a typical flawed premise that Furries have had to deal with for years and years. The furry characters in The Furred Reich are essentially human animals. They walk on two, they can talk, just like you’d see in a Brothers Grimm fairy tale or the like. Unfortunately this nonsense has been spread by The Worst Things For Sale blog. The blog author claims to have read my book, although from the claims that he makes about it I can tell that he hasn’t. I could probably sue that blog author for libel, but it isn’t worth it.

I noticed you follow David Duke on Twitter

So what? I follow all kinds of Twitter accounts who say interesting things which I may or may not agree with. I also follow a number of Antifa accounts, two of whom I am loosely friends with. Normal people don’t care who I follow on Twitter. Some people on the left really need to chill out.

Are you a white supremacist?

No, although I suppose it’s a matter of terminology. The Furry fandom is bullied by and occupied by some of the worst Social Justice Warriors you can imagine. These people will call anything to the right of Mitt Romney ‘white supremacist,’ and I am well to the right of Mitt Romney, no denying that.

What’s with all the negative reviews on Amazon?

Unfortunately Amazon does not screen its reviewers, meaning pretty much anyone can leave a review of my book whether they’ve bought the book or not. I can confirm that all but one of the one-star reviews are from people who did not buy the book, and the one person who did was part of an anti-Wehrmacht troll group on Reddit. I don’t really consider that an impartial review but that’s up to you to decide. What I can do is provide literary reviews I’ve received on off-Amazon sites such as Fur Affinity, 4chan /lit/ and 8chan, all of whom have given my book and series a fair shake. The bottom line is there have been a number of people who, for whatever reason, don’t like the perceived politics of my book and have left one-star reviews for that reason alone.

What’s with you and Foxler Nightfire and the Furry Raiders? 

I like the Furry Raiders group, but really more for personal reasons than anything. I think Foxler is a charismatic guy who is misunderstood. I enjoy watching his YouTube videos and have left a couple comments there, and I’m more than happy to defend him against the tidal wave of hate he’s gotten from the social justice hate machine within the furry fandom.

So is Foxler a ‘Nazi?’

I really don’t believe so, and I’d say I’m a pretty good judge. His armband does bear some resemblance to those in the Third Reich, but frankly people need to just get over it. Wearing an armband is a far cry from “advocating genocide.” This is a really ridiculous conclusion to make. I’ve seen so many ‘Communist Furs,’ who are gay, wearing and displaying Soviet items as well. It’s entirely lost on them that the Soviet Union threw gays into gulags and labor camps, many of whom did not return. So by their own logic these ‘Communist Furs’ are advocating the elimination of gays.

I think the best idea is to just drop the convoluted logic inherent in that thinking.

So uh, you do realize that in Nazi Germany you’d be killed for being a furry, right? 

Frankly I am tired of hearing this. This is a typical line from Alt-Right boneheads who are every bit as ignorant about the Third Reich as social justice warriors are. In fact, dressing up in polar bear fursuits was a common meme in German culture at the time. Second, German culture gave the world The Brothers Grimm fairy tales, which are based on ancient German and Germanic stories of anthropomorphized animals. I would argue that the ‘Furry’ concept we know today came from the Germanic mind itself. If so I am happy to add to that tradition.

But Hitler would have considered you sexually deviant

Another Alt-Right bonehead talking point. Believe it or not, the erotic scenes in my story (which won’t be accessible as a normal edition for much longer) are entirely heterosexual. Also, this is 1930s Germany we’re talking about, not Victorian England. A lot of these Alt-Right people from English-speaking countries are some of the biggest prudes I’ve ever seen. Contrary to their own belief, they would not fit in too well in The Third Reich. German culture is, and always has been, far less prudish than the English and all the other cultures of Albion’s seed. Puritan New England, not 1930s Germany, should be their aspiration.

This is a piece by Hitler’s favorite sculptor, Arno Breker. It would fit in quite well at a Furry convention.

 Is this book a porno or a real story?

The latter. There’s a lot of misinformation about The Furred Reich. This is a full novel with almost 70 chapters, only two of which are erotic scenes. By the way, if you like graphic scenes you should buy the book while you can. I’ll be making it PG-13 soon and the erotic scenes will only be available as a special edition.

Will there be a paperback version?

Yes, there will. I am working on that and hope to have it available on Amazon.

Will there be sequels?

Yes. The Furred Reich left a number of mysteries hanging out there for a reason. This series will be a trilogy. I am currently working on book two of three. Stay tuned for more art and updates. They will be forthcoming.