5 Ways To Reduce Poofing

Getting “poofed” on is maybe the worst thing that can happen during roleplay, especially when it happens just before the juicy parts, which is when it often does. As it happens, that’s not a coincidence.

I’m sad to say that roleplaying with women seems a lost art in this day and age, as most furry guys on the RP platforms have resigned themselves to RP with other dudes. I can somewhat understand why: Some women I’ve tried to roleplay with have the attention span of a gnat. Many have “secret” boundaries that they don’t even bother hinting at, let alone explaining, but if you step on that boundary the roleplay ends. Roleplaying with some of these women is like running through a minefield.

To the extent that any of you reading this have actually roleplayed with a woman, I get your pain. But the truth is this: If you do get poofed on, most of the time there is something that you, as a guy, could have done to prevent it. As a guy, it is your responsibility to fix that problem. The more engaging a writer you are, the less poofing you’re going to get.

In other words, if you can keep her interested, you will get poofed on less often. And yes, it is your job to keep her interested. Part of the reason why so many women don’t bother roleplaying anymore is because guys increasingly see this as a video game of some kind.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep interest going with the opposite sex and reduce poofing. Some of these tips are simply good writing pointers. I like to think you’ll need both if you want to be good at roleplaying.

I. Sensory experience

I’ve mentioned this before and it’s really important. Guys come on to get it on. Women do too. But for women, the journey to ‘getting it on’ is even more important than the act itself! One way to make your ‘build-up’ something she can really get into is to engage the senses. That’s taste, sight, smell, and most of all, ‘feel.’ Don’t just describe how big your thing is or how hard you slap her behind. For example, if you’re spanking, describe the sight of how her backside jiggles in the aftermath. Describe how it the impact sends a shocking wave through her body. If you’re touching her leg, describe how your hand is ‘spreading heat’ up along her thigh. That’s the basic idea.

Don’t do exactly that, because that’s my material! Well, OK, I guess you can use it verbatim if you want to, but only because anything is better than:

“Spanks your ass.”


“Spanks your ass harder”


“Spanks your ass REALLY harder”

That’s a great way to bore a woman to tears, and it happens way too often.

II. Do NOT Focus on “Specs.” 

I once had a girlfriend that I met off the internet, and she once complained to me that a guy on there asked her for her ‘specs.’ As in, breast size, weight, blah blah blah. What is this, a car inspection? “Specs” are for machinery or equipment. When asking for a breast size outright or focusing on measurements of any body part, you’re making her feel that either she or you are just ‘replaceable parts.’

If she feels like a replaceable part, she won’t want to roleplay much with you. If she feels like YOU are a replaceable part. Well… She just might swap you out for a better model real soon.

More specifically, don’t focus the roleplay around penis size, breast size, hip measurements or whatever the else you can put a number on. In fact, just don’t use numbers. Otherwise you will be a number.

III. Engage multiple senses

Pretty much everyone relies most heavily on one of the five senses. A lot of guys are, not surprisingly, ‘visual’ people. Women are more evenly dispersed across the spectrum. A lot of women rely most heavily on tactile, auditory and even olfactory senses. It’s therefore best to disperse your sensual language to hit on every sense.

Don’t go crazy and mention all the senses on everything described. That would be cumbersome. Just try to engage more than one sense over the course of a couple posts. Also, try to figure out which sense she most heavily relies on. You can usually tell just by noting the senses she describes. If you can mirror her sensory preferences, you’ll be in a great spot for some very lewd, descriptive roleplay.

IV. Animation > Metaphor > Simile 

One of the most unique and powerful aspects of the English language is its ability to compare. Any good writer uses similes, metaphors and animation to make the personal into the universal. The simile is the least powerful of the three, animation is the most powerful. Instead of defining each of the three, I’m going to use some descriptions from some of my favorite roleplays and war stories.

Similes: X is like Y

Here are some examples:

Her motions served for her slit to spread her heated nectar along his breeding organ like honey on a pancake.
Thatched roofs flew off in one piece, leaving the houses exposed, like bald men who’ve lost their wigs.
Similes are nice to use, but they have the least amount of power and meaning behind them. Next is metaphors, where something is compared to something else. Basically, X is Y. We compare two like things and get meaning out of it. Here are some examples:
For English teachers, Korea is the Saudi Arabia of Asia. 

That little suckler attached to her little nub was sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body, rendering her (rather intelligent) brain a pile of pleasure-numbed mush

Tentacles squirming against her body, teasing her with suckle-kisses that would certainly leave her a mass of red marks.

Can you see how metaphors are stronger than similes? Instead of saying the girl was like a mass of red marks after the tentacles got finished with her, she said that her pale-skinned body literally WAS a mass of red marks. And that her mind WAS pile of pleasure-numbed mush. Was her mind actually mush? No. Was she nothing but red marks? No. But it’s the power of the metaphor that leaves such an impression in the reader’s mind.

But even stronger, and yet more subtle, is the animation of inanimate objects. This breathes life and symbolism into any scene. Consider the following:

Spring burst out with sudden brutality
He came howling across Gleiwitz Airfield at thirty feet altitude and upside-down
The engine caught immediately, blurting into life and filling the air with its smooth thunder
Does spring ‘burst out?’ No. It’s just a period on a calendar. Does an airplane actually howl like a wolf? Nope. Does an engine blurt to life? No. It doesn’t blurt anything. Can anything ‘fill’ the air? An engine certainly can’t ‘fill’ the air.
But do you picture a vivid scene with each sentence? Heck yeah. Absolutely. The authors above are animating the inanimate things, and in doing so, they are delivering profound meaning in just a few words. You should do so too, when you can.
V. Use Innuendo 
Have you ever told someone a fact, and to them it meant nothing, or they perhaps didn’t even believe you? Of course. But, if a person ‘finds out’ that fact for themselves, perhaps by doing a little digging, then they themselves become convinced.
The same dynamic is at work for innuendo. Instead of asking directly for sex, imply it. Doing the latter is much more powerful. Using subtext to communicate gives the both of you a ‘secret’ to hide from the rest of the world.
Let me show you just how powerful well-placed innuendo is, and how it can deeply effect your roleplay partner. In a roleplay I once tried to get across that incredibly masculine, heavy ‘barnyard’ smell.
Did I come out and tell her about it like that? Heck no! I used a little innuendo. I poked it at her. Her strong response to my innuendo showed a sense of smell activated by my words.
He lead YYY out of the house and onto the farm proper, taking her into a more wild, oat-rich grazing field. The air was hot and sweat-inducing, no doubt. The scent of horses was quite strong, and numerous four-legged ferals grazed idly as XXX went about claiming his right. 
Innuendo at it’s best. Innuendo about that ‘barnyard horse’ smell. Did I come out and say it? Nope. But I implied sweat, oat-rich fields, horse scents. All that is innuendo for the same thing. Think that all means nothing? Think again. Or, better yet, look at her sensual response to my innuendo.
YYY followed him where she was lead out into the open, the smell of grazing equines was unmistakable… the smell of their sweat and shit lingering on the hot air milling around them as she was laid down and stripped down to her underwear only to be laid in a strange position.

I think she got the message there.

So there you have it! Five ways of better keeping her engaged. As you might have guessed, some of the examples were from real roleplays, and believe me, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that any of them were going to poof on me.
Can I guarantee you’ll never be poofed on? No. I ask you to try these in good faith, because I believe it will ultimately make you a better writer and you’ll be on your way to being a stellar roleplayer.