How To Approach Women for Roleplay (Furry edition)

From what I’ve seen, most males on the Furry roleplay platforms have just plain given up on the opposite sex. They want gratification, but can’t seem to get it and end up “settling” for RP with other dudes playing as women.


Women “poof on them,” they’re “picky,” and “want a ridiculous level of buildup.” Most of all, women reject guys’ advances most of the time on here. It looks to me like a lot of women have given up on the furry RP platforms as well.

The truth is, most women who still come on here do so for the same reason that you do; to roleplay. Nine times out of ten, the reason neither of you are getting anything is because YOU, the male, can’t properly approach a woman and pitch your idea. The problem I’ve seen is this: Most guys approach with some useless greeting such as “hi.” And even if they do get a response, guys proceed to beat around the bush and can’t close the deal. Guys who do this do NOT get any roleplay, at least not from the opposite sex.

So today I’m going to tell you how to approach a female roleplayer on here. For most of you, this may seem like common sense, but I know for a fact that most male, Furry roleplayers do not adhere to common sense. Before I get to the nuts and bolts, I want to reasonably prove that what I am about to say actually works. So here are some responses from real female roleplayers. Each response is from a different player. Not all of these ended up in roleplay, but even if they didn’t, things still went well.

Hah, that’s a weird one, even for me.
[ Hmmm sounds rather… fun.]
[perhaps she might be exploring with a male friend, who might have the misfortune to witness such interactions as she is slowly corrupted by ***censored!!!***?]
[Hmm it does sound interesting indeed]
[ Would be doable, but currently preoccupied.  Maybe another time! ]
Me: [alrighty, sounds good]
Her, two hours later: [ Alrighty, tell me more. #SA ]
[Wow! Can’t say I was expecting hearing something like that out of nowhere! Not very many people who want to play the XXY part either. The idea sounds absolutely awesome though!]
Well I do like a knotty good time
sounds like it be an intresting rp 😛
If you aren’t consistently getting messages like these in response to your openings, then chances are you need to get back to the basics. After all, most roleplays with a woman are going to start with you approaching her, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here are the three bases you need to touch in your opening post: Convey your idea to her, intrigue her with the idea, and then transition into starting the roleplay.
You must do all of those things or it will not work. Without conveying your idea, she won’t know what to do, and will soon lose interest. Without intrigue, the chances of her poofing on you are very high. Without transitioning to a start, you will never ‘close the deal.’
So with that in mind, here is how I typically approach a woman for roleplay. It is important to do this all in the starting one message. Do not mess around with “hi” or “are you busy.”
Start with a pleasant greeting. Sometimes I open with a compliment about something I like about her character, something unique or something that stands out. If I cannot find that, just a ‘nice character,’ ‘neat character,’ or ‘sexy character’ will do. If you’re messaging her, then there has to be something about her character that you find attractive. Convey that. This is the equivalent of a statement of intent. Women tend to be more interested in men who are bluntly interested in them. Put that truth to work for you.

Pitch the idea you have. Yes, you need to have an idea to approach. This is a must. Set a basic scene. Explain where it will take place, what her character will run into, and, in the end, some juicy innuendo about the result of her meeting with your character. All of these are important. Setting the scene gets her thinking about the roleplay, and allows her to project her imagination into it. It is vitally important that she know the parameters of this roleplay. You must convey your idea.

The juicy innuendo is next. Explaining what might happen during the roleplay covers the ‘intrigue’ portion of your roleplay pitch. ‘Innuendo’ should be based on how you want things to end up. Don’t be bashful, but also don’t exceed ‘suggestive.’ The ideal ‘juicy innuendo’ is a mental image of the two characters that makes you horny, and is also crafted with some of her F-list ‘favorites’ in mind. The latter part helps make her eager as well. Whatever you do, do NOT get explicit here! You need to leave a little bit of mystery. Getting explicit gives her a ‘spoiler’ and also could just gross her out before she’s in the mood. Here’s one little example from my roleplay logs.

Not sure what you might think of this idea but since (character) enjoys the outdoors she may one day be adventuring through caves or mountains where she goes into an empty cave for the night. She won’t know that (my fursona species) live in the area and nobody is in the cave. Although she’d be very surprised when one of them returns home to the cave and mistakes (her character) for a warm pillow.

Do you see what I did? I planted the image of my character mistaking her’s for a warm pillow, and all the gruff snuggling that entails. That’s what I want. Notice how I didn’t say anything that my character would explicitly do. I just hinted, and I do that to let her imagination fire up, too. Of course, I based that innuendo by looking at her profile and F-list, and tried to steer the innuendo to what she would want as well. Yes, she liked the idea, but it’s too bad the roleplay never really got started.

The transition is last. Now that you have her intrigued, you need to smoothly lead her into starting the roleplay. This might sound like common sense, but a lot of guys mess this up, primarily because they don’t know what to do. They’ll ask self-sabotaging questions such as “are you busy?” “Have time for RP?” Blah blah blah! All that does is give women a chance to step out of the roleplay. And if you give them enough chances to step out, they will begin to doubt you and eventually they will step out even if they want to roleplay. That is why transitions must not be glossed over.

As interactions in real life, any roleplay with a woman requires a man with a steady hand. You need to know what you want, and you need to lead her into it. That means assuming she wants it and acting accordingly. No, that is not “out of line.” If she is intrigued by your idea, then she already wants to roleplay. And guess what? If she’s on the platform, chances are she is also ready to roleplay. You, the male, need only to lead her right in. That is not rude. She will not consider it rude. If she can’t roleplay, she’ll tell you. Follow this line of thinking and you’ll find yourself getting more roleplay. And in the cases where she can’t actually roleplay, don’t be surprised to see her come back and message you when you are online.

That said, the most simple way to transition into a roleplay is: “Shall I start?” or “Shall I set the scene?” or “Should I make the first post?”

The question isn’t whether she wants to. You’ve already established that she does. Doing things this way, the question becomes, “want me to start?” That is a much better position to disembark from. There’s a certain persuasive power about automatically assuming a person wants you. It’s your job to harness that power, and avoid giving her excessive ‘outs’ for the roleplay.

No, I don’t really care if women read about my ‘methods.’ I don’t mind sharing what I’ve learned. All I’m really trying to do here is help guys make women’s roleplay experiences more interesting on here.