God-Modding Ends Roleplays

God-modding. It’s generally considered a cardinal sin of roleplaying. I think anyone who’s at least somewhat experienced at roleplaying on the various Furry platforms knows not to god mod, but I increasingly feel like a lot of people don’t know WHY it shouldn’t be done. It’s not only annoying, it can also a massive turn off if you’re roleplaying with a woman, sure to lead to an instant end of your roleplay you were working on. And that’s no good.

What is god modding? It can be described in a couple ways, but in this case it means doing an action to a character, and then describing the outcome of that action before the character has a chance to respond within the same post. In some cases it can mean writing up the subsequent action within the same post!

So, god-modding is god-modding, it’s bad, don’t do it because it violates basic decorum, etc. That’s not really worth writing about, is it? Nope.

Someone sent me an example of god-modding that didn’t just circumvent the roleplay itself, but also tried to circumvent and “hurry” the sort of ‘process’ it takes for a woman to really get into a roleplay. Now that a real shame. I’m going to post it, modify a few words and leave all the names out so nobody is singled out.

XX: [[I want to ask permission, because it’s important. Do you mind if I do just a little god moding? Not dictating her actions, but stuff which he’d ‘force’ her to do by exerting enough strength that her only options were cooperate or break her own bones?]]

You can basically guess what this was about, right? 

YY: [can just play it out and she will do what she’ll do]

XX: [[Alright. I just wanted to make sure that wouldn’t be crossing the line.]]

YY: [I doubt it’d take much for him to so that]

XX: [[It certainly would not, but some people really hate god-modding. So just trying to be polite!]]

This started off alright. The guy understands that god-modding is a no-no, and he got permission to ‘violate decorum,’ so that part is out of the way. However, what you, as a man, never have permission to do, is turn off a woman during roleplay.

If you’ve been roleplaying here on Furc or on F-List for awhile, you might notice that women will most often poof on you for getting into the naughty stuff too quickly. More times than not, that’s because you tried to ‘skip a step’ before she could get enough into it. It’s alright, I’ve made the mistake too. In this case, our roleplayer uses god-modding as an excuse to do so.

To give some context, I think his character was trying to subdue the female character. That’s when the god-modding begins. Read on if you like…

As she resisted his mouth opened wide as he grimaced. One shagged hoofed leg pounded the floor, spewing bits of dying grass and dirt back towards the flap as he gave her a second to comply.

The second passed, so he made her comply.

With strength beyond that of any regular man grasped her shoulders and shoved her down upon the skins, giving her the option of falling with something resembling grace or else risk bending wrong and breaking something. 

Okay. That’s where the post should have ended, but here comes the god-modding part..

First he pushed her to her knees, then offered no argument as he shoved her forwards and onto her face. One hand grabbing her side and hauling up her bottom half, making her assume a position he liked even if she resisted. 

She didn’t have to wait long before the inevitable happened. [CENSORED] before cleaving her body apart and pushing his way inside of her. 

OK, so, really, that was three posts in one. One where he threw her on the floor. The other where he put her into position, and the third where he finally got to it.

Can you see the problem?. Even if within the roleplay there was no way for this woman to get away, this kind of thing gives you no time to get into the moment. No foreplay, no detail, no nothing, just straight to some boring fornication.

Let me just get this one point across: In roleplay, there is no “non-consensual.” Sure, things might happen against the character’s will, but all of that needs the consent of the player on the other end of the computer. And as a guy, you aren’t going to get that without some degree of rapport and seduction obtained during the roleplay.

Going from where he hasn’t even subdued her getting right into the naught stuff does NOT allow for any rapport with or seduction of the roleplayer on the other end of the computer. And I’m afraid that’s not how it works!

Well I’m afraid, that’s not, how it works.

Don’t do this! It’s a sure-fire way to go from wet to dry in a heartbeat. God modding is bad, but it’s even worse when you’re using it as an excuse to “leap frog” through important parts of the roleplay that she needs to really get into it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, boys and girls are different, our brains are wired differently and we are turned on in very different ways. The worst thing you can do is ignore those differences and act as if women are basically men without male parts. They’re not.

Originally for Furry Etiquette For Males blog.