The Furry Community Has a Pedophile Problem

Bucks County Authorities Make Arrest In Fetish-Themed Child Predator Sex Ring

Have you seen this latest news? Can’t say I’m shocked. Three men in their 40s and 50s sexually abused a 9-year old boy. Now police believe that it is part of a pedophilia ring in the area.

I’ve said it before and I guess I’ll say it again: The Furry fandom’s “tolerance” and “acceptance” has lead to a real problem with homosexual pedophiles congregating in this community. It’s the elephant in the tearoom that nobody in this community likes talking about, but it is a problem that this community needs to collectively address or else.

I can tell you exactly how it got this way. Back in the 90s and early 2000s I started noticing a lot of this behavior from a minority of people on the various roleplay platforms. When I saw this problem, I called it out with the expectation that the vast majority of everyone would agree with me and that we would remove the problem. Boy was I wrong. Time and time again the offenders bandwagonned against me, and the social justice warriors in this “community” jumped in to scream “Homophobia!” Apparently we can’t talk about the child rapists and gay sex ‘recruiters’ in this community because doing so equates to “hating all gays.”

That is one of the big reasons I left the Furry fandom in the early 2000s (but came back to write this series). I got tired of that and other similar things. Even the ‘normal’ people in this fandom chose to turn a blind eye to this and went along with the “tolerance.”

There’s a reason these people congregate in the Furry community, and that’s because this community as a whole is nowhere near as vigilant as it needs to be. The natural ‘sheep dogs’ of this community got mobbed and run out by social justice warriors and the atheist buffoons who elected to side with the latter because they ‘hate Christians.’

Yes, this fandom has created an ideal breeding ground for hardcore pedophiles. You might not think this is reflective of the furry community in general, but actually it is, because we’ve all allowed the social justice warriors in this community to stifle honest talk of the homosexual pedophilia that is very common here. Too many atheists went along with it. Too many gay people went along with it. Many of the rest of us simply didn’t want to speak up about it.

That includes me. I got tired of being mobbed by these people. I should have stayed and kept calling it out. While the gatekeepers and moderators of the big sites have done a good job in getting rid of the ‘cub porn’ and ‘babyfur’ crap, there is only so much they can do.

Today I am browsing the Furry accounts on Twitter, the forums and the major furry sites. Nobody is talking about what police believe is a furry pedophile ring. There’s just nothing. This community has to be better. We can’t let this continue to be a safe haven for people who rape little boys. Like it or not, that is exactly what the public is going to see us as. With the way the political winds are blowing, it is just a matter of time before the average people start sharpening their pitchforks and coming after this subculture.

If that happens, we will have deserved it.

New Year’s Resolutions


I’ve decided that The Furred Reich series is in need of some major changes going forward.

If you’ve read my previous journals, some of these ‘resolutions’ may come as little surprise, but there are some new ones as well.

First of all, and foremost, I’ve decided to make the Furred Reich series a trilogy. Meaning, there will be one more book after the sequel. That means naming each of the books more prominently, while “The Furred Reich” will simply be the series name. Although, I must say, I am also thinking of dropping “The Furred Reich” name for something a bit more serious. This book started as kind of a fun fan fiction, but interest in it has been greater than expected and the story has really developed from where it began.

Second, there will be a serious change in tone in The Furred Reich blog. I will no longer be writing ‘edgy’ opinion pieces. My ‘edgy opinion pieces’ had since become a major focal point for the blog, and was attracting a ton of people from Twitter, Reddit and various other places. I found people were clicking, reading the opinion pieces, and then making comments about it on other websites without even engaging in the story itself. That is, obviously, a waste of my time and effort. From now on, opinion pieces will revert to their more academic nature, with a ‘voice’ that is ‘cool’ and ‘collected,’ just as the original ones were.

Third, I will stop intentionally trying to pick fights with leftist furs. The content of my book provokes them enough. No need to light my hair on fire just to get them in a rage. This includes Twitter, where I am part of a cluster of alt-right trolls.

Fourth, at some time, I will be removing all graphic sex scenes from my novels. For those who enjoyed it, and believe me, I sure enjoyed writing it, I apologize. As I said above, the interest in this book was much greater than expected, and it has gone well beyond the Furry fandom. The graphic sex scenes just send the wrong message. I won’t be changing the story at all, meaning the sex will have “happened,” there just won’t be anymore “play by play.” The conclusion is, if you want the sex scenes, you’d better buy the book soon. This edition will not be there forever. Although, I am considering selling a copy with the erotic scenes, perhaps as paperback, and for considerably more money. A little secret is that I got actual women to help me write those scenes, and for that reason I am very proud of them. They aren’t just some fetishy basement fantasy I thought up all by myself. No, no, no. I have no problem sharing those scenes, but again, it bothers a lot of people who buy the book expecting a pure fantasy series to get hit by a graphic furry sex scene. I guess I can understand that.

Progress Update 12/23/16


I have to say I had a pretty good week this time around. I actually got two whole chapters done; one of Sepp Dietrich and another with my “new” character who should remain a mystery (although it’s not much of a mystery if you’ve been following!).

I’m now on chapter 43, and I can more-or-less map out exactly where this sequel will go through until the end. It will be at least a couple months more, but hopefully not much more than that. I’m very happy with my progress this week, and I might even release a snippet or two.

I’m still waiting on a book cover design; my favorite artists in the world, Lingrimm, are working on that. There is not plans for more art from that point on, although I will be doing something with the funds I consign to this project each month.

Sales have slowed down, but that is by design: I no longer advertise anywhere and I don’t promote book 1 much right now. Reason being is because I feel it needs a bit of a facelift. I am going to redact and re-write parts of it before book 2 comes out, to make it a more ‘mainstream’ story, or at least PG-13. Once I’ve done that I have no problem jacking up the outreach. I’ve found that this story has a lot of appeal outside of the Furry community, and a lot of people take the erotic scenes the wrong way. It’s sad, but it’s the reality.

Anyways, stay tuned. The manuscript is coming down its home stretch.

The Truck of Peace

Poor Berlin,

All the prayers and phony candlelight vigils aren’t going to stop the terrorism when they voted to bring it in. Berliners and Germans have been warned time and time again that their stupid refugee policy was going to lead to this. They ignored and laughed at those warnings, and kept voting for open-borders politicians.

It’s hard to feel bad for them. Thought it is ironic, isn’t it? The only way for Germans to ever be safe again is to embrace what they said they never would.

Germans today are “ashamed” for being too nationalistic 80 years ago.

In 80 years, Germans will feel ashamed for not being nationalistic enough today. If there even are any Germans in 80 years.

Of Hitler and Furries

If you’re a  “Nazi Fur,” you’ve probably heard multiple times that you too would be gassed by the Fuehrer. Most of the people who say this are what I like to call “victims of public education”; people with a vulgar-level of history who, for some reason, seem to think they know everything about The Third Reich. But even people who aught to know better, such as folks on the alt-right, sometimes still buy into the ‘Madison Avenue’ image of Hitler gassing people willy-nilly and ordering groups of people killed off simply because.

You don’t even have to be a ‘revisionist’ historian to realize this isn’t the case. As I’ve said before, and as is often the case, when the subject of Hitler and the Third Reich comes up, otherwise intelligent, rational-thinking people will throw objectivity out the window and resort to believing any fantasy with only the most tangential of historic evidence.


You, too, might be put in the gas chamber! 

Such is the unfortunate case for ‘Nazi Furres,’ who I’ve seen allowed themselves to be cowed and browbeaten into accepting some nonsense narrative and “admitting” that they’re “just doing this for fun.”

Let me tell you, nobody dresses up in the military uniform of a regime 80 years deposed just for the heck of it.

I see, however why these people aren’t particularly honest about their feelings. It’s not only the hall-monitor social justice types, but it’s also right-minded person with a Joe Six Pack level understanding of The Third Reich, who buys into and enforces the incorrect notion that, essentially, Hitler was running around Germany gassing everything which was less than pleasing to his eye.

It isn’t true, at all, ‘Nazi’ Furs.

Typically I hear ill-informed people in this fandom argue that Hitler would have shot or ‘gassed’ Furries because they he would have seen them as either “sexually deviant” or “mentally ill.”

Let me address the latter first. With actual facts. Yes, the Third Reich had an involuntary euthanasia program for the mentally ill, for a few years at least. In its systematic form it became known as Aktion T4. It was expanded from the incurably sick to include those who were mentally ill. That’s where the narrative falls apart. The people that were actually euthanized in this program had real, clinically-proven mental illnesses. This wasn’t some thing where Hitler just threw interest groups he didn’t like into a gas chamber (that’s what Communists and other leftists do). There had to actually be something wrong with them.

Are there a lot of mentally ill people in the Furry fandom? Yes, there certainly are. I don’t think that’s a secret to anyone. These people do need treatment, in my opinion, and in the Third Reich, some of them would simply be put to sleep for good or placed in a concentration camp until they straightened themselves out. No denying that. But it’s a huge logical leap to assume that the Fuehrer would therefore categorize all Furries as ‘mentally ill.’ That’s not really thinking, that’s just “animating” Hitler to make yourself feel like the moral majority, and it is a gigantic intellectual cop out.


Hitler. Animate to whatever historical narrative you need. 

The “sexual deviant” line often comes from people who aren’t really familiar with Furries. No, Furries are not “attracted to animals” and that’s not what this fandom is about.

Since at least the 90s this fandom has steadily been infiltrated with militant LGBT types and sexual predators, who saw this ‘community’ and its adherence to “tolerance” and “acceptance” as a way to avoid scrutiny and in some cases “recruit” mostly younger teenage boys. The feminists and militant LGBTs were more than happy to assist those people, with the typical bullying tactics you’ve seen if you’ve been anywhere near a university campus.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Hitler would have a good many of these people strung up by piano wire. And I’m sure he’d break up the Furry ‘community’ in its current state for that reason; The Fuehrer in fact did similar things in the Berlin night life scene back in the 30s.


The Eldorado in Weimar-era Berlin. Shut down by the Fuehrer.

But again this brings us back to one thing: Hitler would have gotten rid of these people not because they are Furries but because they would be considered mentally ill or degenerate. The act itself of wearing a fursuit or having an affinity for anthropomorphic characters would not be the reason. A non-degenerate Furry would be, and were, left alone entirely.

Those who think that Furries are “inherently degenerate” don’t really know this fandom. There are plenty of normal, healthy people here. They are constantly policed and have to ‘mind their words,’ and so they don’t make much noise. There’s also a far-right countercurrent here, and it is often censored and shut out by gatekeepers. If you’ve been through the university system anywhere, this general situation should all sound familiar.

As for the Fuehrer, I ultimately can’t speak for him, but nobody else really can, either. The best anyone can do is look honestly at what happened back then. That’s not what the average person does when it comes to the Third Reich. The idea that Hitler would have “killed all furries” doesn’t stand up to any rigorous look at history, and if you’re on the “alt right,” then rigorously questioning the Current Year narrative should not be hard to do. ‘Nazi Furs’ and #AltFurries who are serious need to reject the false premises thrown at them. History is on your side, in fact.

Lightning and the Sun, Progress Update, 9/23

Happy Equinox!

So, after another “weekend” of work I got done with another two chapters. I had a little extra time and tried for three, but I just wasn’t able to put pen to paper on it, and quickly ran out of daylight. I got a Sepp chapter done and a battle scene done where I feature a new character. Not going to say who because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. It will be a minor character, but I wanted to give him at least one chapter, as I really admire this person and think he was a fantastic guy.

This week I also made a contribution to my art fund. I’m actually still a little bit in the hole due to a major commission I took out a couple weeks ago. I am still waiting for that commission to begin. I will provide updates when that happens, particularly on Facebook where I will share sketches. If you’d like to contribute to my art fund, any little bit helps, and everything you give will go to making new art and nothing else:

Thankfully I made it another week without being slammed in the media. If I have time today I will write an opinion piece.

Other than that, I hope to more-or-less have the manuscript for ‘Lightning and the Sun’ complete by the Winter Solstice. Well, it might take me a little more time, but it should be close to completion by then. Two chapters a week seems to be my pace.

I got featured on “Heatstreet”



A couple days ago my book inexplicably got mentioned on “Heatstreet,” a conservative blog of some kind. The other day one of the writers appeared to stumble upon a few tweets from “Alt Furries,” or alt-right furries, on the internet and made an article about it.

The writer seems to think “Nazi Furries” love Donald Trump. That’s probably true, the “Alt Furry” movement is a fan of Donald Trump, and Alt Furries are a rising right-wing faction within the Furry fandom. The author proceeded to call them racist, bigoted, blah blah blah et al.

“The alt furry movement is truly one of the most bizarre, dark corners of the Twitterverse,” he said.

He went on to show a few pieces of the “Alt Furry” movement, and then to my surprise made a semi-plug about my book.

Furred Reich Heatstreet

This writer obviously didn’t bother to read my book. I doubt ‘The Furred Reich’ really provides any insight into the “alt furry movement.” And frankly, I take issue to how he characterizes my book. This is a 250-page story with 70 chapters. Only two of those chapters have sex scenes! I wish the author of this article would have reached out to me, I could have explained things a little better.



Lightning And The Sun, Progress Update, 8/7/16


So, a quick progress update on my sequel. Last weekend I was only able to type out four chapters. I didn’t actually write any new chapters. Part of that is because I had my wisdom teeth removed, and have been out of my mind on sedatives. It’s also caused a lot of nausea. Things have been pretty tough on this end, to be honest.

Next weekend I hope to continue my progress on Lightning and the Sun, and will hopefully write at least two more scenes. That seems to be the pace. Business is pretty slow in the summer for me, so I can apply myself more to writing this.

Also, my favorite artist on Fur Affinity looks like she might be taking commissions soon. It’s been quite some time since I’ve gotten any new art done, but I now have the means to do so, and so hopefully some new material will be coming soon.