Story Snippet – Adventurers

Wehrmacht soldier in desert with furries

Are we there yet?” The lioness teased, with a fat grin upon her features. The deercat turned her head to look up, and pouted a little in frustration at the 5’4” lioness straddled atop the horse.

Kairah was clad in a pair of pants, which did look a bit masculine, but that didn’t bother the adventurous feline. On her upper body was a business type shirt that men usually wore, but most of that was hidden by a thin, brown cloak that allowed a hood to protect her neck and features from the blistering desert sun.

Amalija’s race, deercats, were thin on the ground in these parts. She was slender, stood at five foot eight, and was clothed in nothing more than a sleeveless dress with slits on each side of the hem that allowed air to flow up her legs. The servant was plenty used to harsh environments, and would not once dare complain about the oven-like weather today. Until Kai pushed her buttons, of course.

She turned around to swat at Kai’s leg, and in response the lioness slipped off the horse with ease and ran ahead with laughter, cloak flowing behind her. Amalija took up the little cat and mouse game, and their chocolate horse continued walking loyally after them towards one of the natural stops along this junglebound trade route. Within moments the cute pair stumbled upon something curious, maybe even amusing: A human, wearing a camoflauged green uniform and with wavy, blonde hair, laying almost face down beneath a date tree.

“Do you think it’s dead?” Kairah questioned with a loud ‘whisper.’

“Poke it, Amalija, go see if it’s dead!” the lioness prodded ‘Lija forward.

Kairah was the brave one, though, and so she neared the skinny-looking, uniformed human. Once close, she crouched and nudged at the man. “Maybe it is dead…” Amalija muttered, suddenly worried about the whole situation.

“Maybe he needs water!”

Quickly, the deercat ran to the shore to gather some in an earthenware bucket.

“He looks cooked.” The lioness retorted, noticing his ruddy face, which was clearly not used to the environment. “It’s a shame you don’t like eating meat!”

“This isn’t a joking matter, Kairah!” ‘Lija waved her arms around in panic.

The human groaned and stirred at the lioness’ feet. With a choked cough, he slowly got to his elbows and blinked up at Kairah. All the commotion seemed more than enough to wake him up. At first he seemed frightened, but he softened after just a few seconds. He blinked up at Kairah, slowly shaking his head in bewilderment.

“W…Water? Oh that would be… great. Kitty!”

The lioness chuckled. “You heard the man,” she cooed over her shoulder to Lija, who gathered the water in the bucket with an easy scoop. Their horse stopped by the water for a drink too.

Kairah’s hand reached down toward the eagle badge on his right breast, and thumb stroked along the wreath-circled swastika beneath it.

“Never seen this before…” She cooed lightly. The human continued dazedly blinking at them. All this time she thought she’d seen everything.